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God Is

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

I am a rational person who wants to understand what I can about God. My training suggests three sources of information to help me in this endeavor. First, are people, including myself, my culture and those cultures of the past. Secondly, as close an examination of my world which holds the evidence God created the heavens and the earth as my ability is able. Lastly, God and what He reveals about Himself.

I have do not have the time, strength or ability to accomplish even one of these areas let alone two or all three.

There are at least three philosophies held by people concerning belief in God. There are those who believe there is a god, or many gods who have millions of variant appearances, characterizes or personalities. There are those who think there may be a god who is unknowable and therefore of little or no consequence. There are those who reject the idea of god completely viewing all existence as base and therefore ultimately purposeless. People’s understanding of God is mostly convoluted.

In Genesis 1 God is assumed, not explained. Genesis gives a sparse account of the creation of the universe and our world. There is nothing in Genesis similar to other accounts of how things began, found in other cultures, religions, beliefs and mythologies. We do not see a superior being emerging out of stuff already in existence or having a cosmic struggle with another superior being.

In Genesis, before anything, God is.