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Stress Test

I have always known this but facing heart surgery brings out my inner theologian and philosopher.  The body is an intricately designed machine. All parts must work together for the body to function. From limbs and organs to the smallest part of the cell, every cell, when a piece of the body does not function properly then the whole body is compromised. I am not doctor. I am a Librarian. I will not give medical advice. I will describe what I have learned and be corrected by those who know better.

You’ve heard the mantra: diet and exercise and you will stay healthy. There are foods you should eat and stuff you should never put in your body. For me, it was not the diet, I still eat healthily, but the exercise. If I had not exercised my present condition would be substantially worse. Genetics played more of a part of my heart shutting down than anything else.

For over six weeks I felt minor chest pain. Not debilitating chest pain but a pressure in my throat and what I identified as bronchial tubes. We had been in Yosemite in August during some serious fires. Plus, because of the fires in Northern California I thought my throat was burned. I could ride a bicycle for a mile and then have to stop and relax, then ride farther and stop. Once everything was warmed up I could finish my ride without a problem. My thinking was I had either GERD without the reflux and exercise induced asthma. I know about my family history but had ruled out coronary problems.

Then I had an episode November 7th that suggested either really bad acid reflux, heart burn, or heart attack. On the way to the ER everything settled down and we didn’t finish the trip. The next day I made an urgent doctor’s appointment, blood work, chest x-ray and an EKG. The chest x-ray showed nothing. There were no elevated enzyme markers in my blood that accompany heart attack. My cholesterol was low and the EKG showed no problems. All of the indications suggest there was no heart damage. I was experiencing something other than coronary issues.

Every blood cell, and every cell in the body, is an intricately designed machine. Within blood cells are enzymes, which are proteins, that promote specific functions like helping the heart muscles contract and expand and help manage energy. Cardiac enzymes are found mostly in the heart. A blood test will find low levels if these enzymes when the heart is working correctly. High levels of the enzymes and the heart has had to work harder than in should for some reason. These enzymes generally show up in the blood hours after a heart attack, unless you take blood directly from the heart.

All of the evidence I have seen draws me to the conclusion I am a created being, not an evolved organism. As I ride the American River Park Way I see and photograph an array of wildlife, flora and fauna. Everything I see has the mark of an Intelligent Designer, from the natural to the man-made. I ride upon a ribbon of asphalt. It did not evolve. I see the gold tailings that did not just happen but are the evidence of the direct environmental manipulation of people. I also see the intricacy of the creatures. While I understand, kind of, how some may see only natural selection and evolution, I do not.

I should be dead. I am not dead. My being alive has nothing to do with luck or karma. I am alive because of the direction intervention of the God who created me.



Studies in Genesis 1

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. (Genesis 1:26 ESV)

Creation is not haphazard or random, but detailed, complicated and purposeful. There are reasons why the term Intelligent Design is taking hold of the scientific and philosophical academic worlds. As we become more technologically advanced it becomes harder to ignore the evidence of intelligence behind the design of nature.

Considering the suggested age of the universe, the age of the Earth, the fossil record of the Earth and the huge variety of animal and plant life, the probability such diverse life occurring by mere chance is absurdly miniscule. All life arising from the primordial soup is close to impossible because of the presence of innumerable variations of DNA. Each life form has its own computer program, called DNA, written by an Intelligent Designer, not by random, uncontrolled mishaps of nature.

Man is intelligent. Intelligence is a marker of the image of God. Intelligence is the ability to comprehend ideas or concepts perceived through observation of the immediate world and the ability to communicate those ideas and concepts to others. It is thinking, understanding, knowledge, comprehension of every facet of life encountered. Limited intelligence is found in the lower animals through instinct and learned behavior. However, the ability to comprehend and think through the ramifications of a new experience is not an ability given any other Earth-bound creature.

With intelligence comes the ability to ascertain truth and believe what the evidence suggests or advocates as truth. Since Man is not omniscient, but limited by space and time, we must examine the evidence of history or the past to determine what truly happened. We do not have all of the evidence. We do not have the option of manufacturing evidence. We do have the limitation of possibly misinterpreting the evidence until more evidence is discovered which may demand we change our understanding. Truth is not constrained by the evidence, changing with each person or each interpretation. Truth is never changed by perception.

Thus, Man is given the ability to know God intellectually though examination of himself and of Creation. Man also has the ability to understand and know that which God reveals about Himself. Given this ability means Man is designed, as part of the physical function and eternal essence, to discover more and more about the universe, the Earth, himself and the God who created everything.

Big Bang?

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

Man (not men but people) try to explain the universe without acknowledging God’s existence, suggesting He is not who He is, is unknowable or non-existent. Yet, the evidence of the universe and its Intelligent Designer is visible and in some cases measurable. Within the last hundred years a theory of the origin of the universe has been suggested and has gained unprecedented popularity.

Since the first law of thermodynamics states all matter and energy remain constant within a closed system and our universe is a closed system, then matter and energy can neither be added nor subtracted from the sum total. Matter and energy moves and rearranges but does not increase or decrease in amount.

I am not a physicist and do not completely understand the consequences of this law. However, if this law is true, and it is accepted as a law, then the implications are astounding.

All matter and energy were initially contained within an infinitesimally small point of space. Existing for the briefest time and reaching an unimaginable temperature there was an explosion. Within seconds the infinitely large universe was born and has been expanding ever since. Observable astronomical data states galaxies are rapidly moving away from each other.

We are left with some simple yet non verifiable questions. From where did all matter and energy come? What was before? We are faced with unsolvable mysteries and can only speculate answers.

Only God can reveal the answers to these and other questions.