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In the beginning, God

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

We exist along a timeline constrained by a box with boundaries through which nothing in our inconceivably large universe can break. Modern fiction writers and film makers have imagined breaches suggesting there is something beyond which might erupt into our universe and wreak havoc. Their imaginations only suggest the possibility of something outside which may look in, or come in and in some inconceivable way affect those within. Their imaginations are not true.

Theologians, philosophers and scientists have grappled with real and imagined evidence often drawing irregular, even fantastic conclusions. Many people accept the views of the society and culture in which they live. They believe the generally accepted religion or mythology without questioning because it is what everyone else believes.

Still, many accept there was a time when there was no time. There was no universe. And then there was.

Does this sentence from an ancient writing adequately describe what was and what is? There is nothing fantastic about it. There is no description or definition of God. Only one assumption is made. Before anything, God.

There was God, is God and always will be God. God exists. Words which limit God by space and time only limit our ability to begin comprehending God. We can never fully comprehend God. Existing outside the universe means God is not constrained by it or anything within it, including people. Our beliefs cannot change God. It is arrogance to think we can change Him.