After Surgery

Rub some dirt on it.

That was my immediate second thought. From where did that thought come?

I am not an athlete. This term has been used by athletes for a long time, but no one knows who first said it. It may be a medical term used to encourage those with injuries to not allow the injury to stop them. I had never heard the saying until my son used it after watching one of the recent Navy SEAL movies. Sustaining non-life-threatening injuries in battle, the soldiers still had to finish their mission. Minor injuries did not matter. Rub some dirt on it to stop the bleeding and let’s go.

We have First World problems in this country. Problems like matching our clothes or having to drive a long way to shop because we do not like the stores near us. Problems like what movie do I want to see or what should I eat tonight?  Where should we go for vacation? How long should I microwave this? You get the idea.

It is Christmastime. Stop thinking about the shopping you “have” to do. Think about Jesus. Born in a stable. His parents were the poorest of the poor. Yet babies and infants do not know they are poor. Babies know their mothers and fathers. Their needs are few. Love. Feed. Changed. Held. Sleep. Again.

Nowhere in Scripture do we see Joseph and Mary complaining about their circumstances. They lived for their son. Why do we teach our children to complain because they did not get what they wanted on Christmas?  Isn’t a gift free and given out of love?   From the moment Jesus was conceived, He freely gave Himself.

I have been hurt by a surgery and given a life because of it by God. Let me think on Jesus and not on myself.


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