What God Does is Good

Studies in Genesis 1

And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:12 ESV)

Three times God creates and works and “sees” what He has done is “good.”  To “see” is to look upon something with approval, joy and pleasure.

On the first day God said “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3 ESV) and “saw” the light was “good.” He specifically differentiates between light and darkness.

Then, on the second day, God separates the water on the chunk of matter which will be Earth, making an expanse between the water above from below, creating an atmosphere for the planet.

On the third day, He separates the waters from dry land, making oceans and seas, raising the land into mountains and valleys. What He “sees” is “good.”

Now He covers the dry land with life, vegetation, plants, grasses, herbs and trees, each species unique, suitable for the climate of the mountain or valley, able to reproduce and make more, covering the land. What processes He starts will not stop until He declares they cease.

He covers and fills the earth with food. There are no animals, only plants and trees. He “saw that it was good.”  This word “good” has a number of implications. Everything God does is according to His eternal personality and character. God is good, therefore, what He does is good.

But that which is good also demands purpose and function. When He separates water from water, first making an atmosphere and then the land from the sea it was to allow for the growth of vegetation. When He created the vegetation it was to provide food for that which He will create.

God works and will not stop until all is finished.


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