Ready For Life

Studies in Genesis 1

And God saw that it was good. i (Genesis 1:10 ESV)

People see and hear what they are trained to see and hear, what they want to see and hear or what they are told to see and hear. People who grow up hating God, believing He does not exist, or if He does cares nothing for them, will never acknowledge the evidence of the Creator in creation. It is hard to see when surrounded by darkness or blinded by a light. It is hard to hear the whisper of the not so obvious when the “obvious” is shouting in our ears.
God declares what He has done “good” which means beautiful and best, and ready and pleasant.

What has He done? He has created matter and then shaped it into a place with everything needed and necessary for life, making water and air, surrounding the whole thing with an atmosphere. He has cultivated the planet, preparing everything needed for life.
What has God not done? He has not created life.

Seven times in Genesis 1 God says something is “good.” He first used the word when He created light, separating darkness. This is the second instance He declares something “good” giving His stamp of approval. Everything needed is in place and ready to proceed to the next level of creation.

It is entirely possible God could create whole and complete. It is not reasonable to suggest He did. This is only the third day and the day is still unfolding. He is only halfway through the process for this day and He declares what He has done “good.” God works in ways consistent with His eternal character.


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