God Named Light Day

Studies in Genesis 1

God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day. (Genesis 1:5 ESV)

God named “Day” and “Night.” He called the light “Day” which means to be hot, or the warm period of time. “Day” may also mean a period of time marked by a specific beginning and ending such as an “age” or “epoch.”

Our question is what does the word mean in Genesis 1:5. God actually uses the same word twice, at the beginning of the verse and then at the end. He uses the same word for “day” in both places. He has defined the word in the first part of the verse as “light.” “God called the light Day.” Does He then use the same word to mean something different?

God is finishing His work on the first day of creation. He uses the word “dusk” or “evening” followed by the word “dawn” or “morning” to distinguish a period of time He has determined is the first day. “Dusk”, like “evening” suggests in our minds the coming of night. “Dawn”, or “morning” suggests the end of night. Yet, both “dusk” and “dawn” are periods of light.

Yet, we cannot say the earth is revolving around the sun in an annual orbit while spinning on its axis to create the “evening and morning” of a day. It is not until the fourth “day” God places the sun and moon and the stars in the heavens then.

Do not jump ahead of God and assume only one way is true. We were not around on the first day. We must rely upon God to tell us what it was like if He should so desire.


2 thoughts on “God Named Light Day

    1. Gerald F. Ward Post author


      Is not creation ex nihilo in the first day? Perhaps I’m reading the text incorrectly. It would seem God creates all matter and then begins to form and shape that matter into other things, like light, which is energized matter. I’m trying to not jump ahead while knowing what’s ahead is coming.An unanswerable question I have (maybe) is why God, who is perfect light (Jesus is the light of the world) would begin creation in darkness. Even momentary darkness. Yet, He created light and named the light Day. Can we also say He created darkness? He named darkness night.

      I will work hard to keep my thinking and writing in context.




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