Day and Night

     Studies in Genesis 1

God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. (Genesis 1:5 ESV)

When God gives a name to something He describes the things essential nature and being. He calls “light Day” and “darkness He called Night.” What do these words mean to us? Can we determine what the words mean to God?

“Day” can mean a number of things, such as “hot” or the “warm” part of a period of time. “Day” can also mean a literal period of fixed time or a figurative period of time where a set of events or occurrences happen, such as an “age.”

“Night” can also mean a number of different things. According to Strong the word “night” is a “twist away” from light but may also mean “adversity.” Thus, night is both a physical time where there is no light and another period of time where there is danger, difficulty or hardship.

Physical light and darkness are analogous of eternal circumstances. When God named Day and Night He may have implied physical reality is a description of spiritual reality.

We must keep in mind at least two specific ideas. First, if we interpret Scripture here only literally then the Sun and Moon are not created or named until the fourth day. If this is true, and there is no reason to believe otherwise, then earth is not orbiting around anything. Therefore, day and night are not set periods of time.

Secondly, everything God creates is perfect. Why would He use a word which may mean danger or hardship or difficulty unless He knew this would happen?

Are there other questions I need to ask?


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