God’s Declares Light Good

Studies in Genesis 1

And God saw that the light was good. (Genesis 1:4 ESV)

Everything God creates is good with impeccable purpose and function.

When God created light He gave it His seal of approval. He said “light” is “good” not for our sakes but because light pleased. We do not know what other intelligent beings He had created by this time. We do know God had not yet created Adam in His image, but may have already created angels.

When He declared light good He was saying light did everything it was created to do. It was perfect and fit exactly into His plan and purpose for the universe. Yet, saying light is good is more than a declaration to Himself that He had done well. He did not have to say this to Himself. Everything He did, all of the work of creating everything in the universe, He will do well because His eternal character and person could do nothing partial or incomplete.

Even though at this time there was no one created to appreciate God’s work He will soon create people in His image and these people will see the evidence of God’s work. Everything God creates is the evidence of the work, purpose and ability of God.

He saw the light was good for Himself. He told us light was good so we might know Him. These words are written for our benefit, to draw us closer to God. We are meant to see God. God means to show Himself to us. And, we benefit from His creating light.


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