Studies in Genesis 1

“And God said, “Let there be light, and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3 ESV)


Not just the light found in the universe but light for the Earth. Light to illuminate the dead rock which God is changing into a place of life and vitality.

Light is energy, atoms excited by other atoms. How light works is mysterious. Light acts like a particle, photons traveling in a straight line. Light acts like a wave, undulating through the spectrum. Scientists have suggested light cannot be both therefore it is neither. Light is something else.

Light travels fast. In “empty” space light travels at 186,282 miles, or 299,792 kilometers, per second.

Light is filled with a wide spectrum of color, seamlessly blending from one color to the next.

Without light and its energy the Earth could not sustain life. Plants could not grow and dispense into the atmosphere the molecules and chemicals needed to continue to grow anything. Without light the Earth would not maintain a temperature needed to sustain life. Without light water would not evaporate and travel through the atmosphere to other places. Light is essential to stabilizing a dead rock to fulfill God’s purpose.

Light is the first essential ingredient for life. God created a universe which operates within specific boundaries, adhering to well-defined laws. So, the creation of Earth follows these well-defined laws. While God can certainly suspend those laws and work outside of them His creation runs and operates within the laws of the universe.

God is fully involved in the operation of the universe and of the earth.


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