“Be light, be light”

Studies in Genesis 1

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis 1:3 ESV)

“’Ĕlôhîm ầwmar, hâyâh ồr, hâyâh ồr.”

“Hâyâh” means to be, or become, to come to pass, to make happen. “Ồr” means illumination, lightening, bright. God said, “be light, be light.”

First is the command. Second is the result of the command.

For God a command is the whole act from beginning to completion. His result is part of His command. We need to challenge how we think when we think about God. There is danger in doing this. We must continually rely upon the direction and instruction of the Spirit of God while being continually aware of our desire to control.

He does not identify a source of light for earth until the fourth day. Physically, I assume this means at this time there was no solar system, no group of planets revolving around a sun. I also assume God is the source of light for earth. It was He who created the dead rock and it was His Spirit which moved over the earth. He deliberately and with eternal logic made the earth and makes it after His design and according to His purpose. My assumptions may be wrong.

Ambrose of Milan, living in the late fourth century states “God is the Author of light” (Hexaemeron*). Augustine differentiates between the “light born from God” (Jesus, the light of the world, see John 1:4-5) and the “light made by God” (On the Literal Interpretation of Genesis*). One of the eternal characteristics of God is light. We look forward to eternity with God where we will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light” (Revelation 22:5 ESV).

[*See “Genesis 1:3” from the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, Old Testament, Volume I, Genesis 1-11.)



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