God Uttered

Studies in Genesis 1

And God said. [Genesis 1:3 ESV]

Elohēm awmar. God uttered. God declared. God spoke.

These two words are a simple and elegant phrase of God’s creative being.

Behind these two words is the infinite intelligence and purpose of God. He determined before He created what a thing is and how it will act within the larger context of all things and how each acts and reacts to every other thing.

He created all matter ex nihilo, out of nothing. All matter exists. Now, in these two words, He begins to shape matter into different elements according to His eternally determined desire.

Words imply laws, such as grammar and syntax. Yet, words also suggest the physical, moral and emotional laws which govern the speaker and about that which is spoken. Physical laws and moral laws are absolutes. Everything exists and moves according to an established boundary encompassing existence and movement. Nothing can break a law without suffering specific consequences.

God established the laws which govern the universe.

Words also imply action of will. God does not just speak to hear His own voice. When He speaks something happens. He may speak into existence, changing matter from one element to another or He may whisper to people direction, rebuke, insight or encouragement.

When God uttered His full being was engaged in creation. He is all knowing, omniscient. All He creates is irreducibly complex (to borrow a phrase from Michael Behe) things from their inception. All parts are present, working together as they are designed to work, for the thing created to exist and move in a universe built especially for all the universe contains.


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