Studies in Genesis 1

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. (Gen. 1:2 ESV)

Not only was earth a chunk of uninhabitable rock there was “darkness over the face of the deep.” Darkness is absence of light. As part of the physical environment of the rock darkness lends further description to the state of the non-planet. We can’t even call the rock a planet yet. For darkness implies there is no sun about which the rock revolves which would shape it into a planet.

Life cannot exist in the total absence of light.  Nor, could life exist without an atmosphere to sustain the food, which is also life, needed for life. When God created the heavens and the earth there was no life in the universe.

But what does God mean by “over the face of the deep?”  Is He describing the universe or an abyss found within the rock filled with unknown stuff? We do not know because no one was there but God. We must rely upon His description for our understanding.

Being careful of our imaginations I would suggest that not only was the earth incapable of sustaining life but was actively hostile toward any natural life. Were there even a possibility of life such life would be extinguished by the turbulence and aggressively inhospitable environment.

God took a mass of metals and chemicals surrounded by darkness and filled with everything detrimental to life and formed it into something which will not only sustain life but the unimaginable variety of intricate life He will create.


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