A Blank Canvas

Studies in Genesis 1

The earth was without form and void. (Gen. 1:2)

When God created earth it was a rock, a hard place in the heavens. God describes the earth for us. He calls it “without form and void.”  Something which is “without form” is a desolate waste land, a desert where nothing lives or can live. It is a worthless thing. It has no purpose and no value. It just is. Earth was one of the known only to God chunks of rock hurtling through the universe.

Not only is the earth a wasteland it is “void.” There is nothing but rock. There are no active chemicals. There is no atmosphere. There may be metals like nickel or iron, gold and silver. Everything on the rock is inert. It is a dead piece of rock.

But isn’t this a description of most of the matter in the universe. When we look at our moon do we not see a ball of rock which does not and cannot sustain life. NASA has recently discovered the Moon does have an atmosphere and a small amount of water. But, the necessary requirements for life are not found on the moon. So the earth, when it was first created, was nothing but dead matter.

Without stretching an analogy, God created a blank canvas upon which He would paint an intricate and complex image. Before God created the earth He decided that it would support life. However, without His direct and purposeful intervention life on the earth would never have developed.


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