God Abiding

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created the heavens. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

God abides outside our universe. Those boundaries which constrain the universe cannot limit God. Since the universe is a closed system, even as inconceivably large as it is, nothing can leave it and nothing can get into it without the direct involvement of God. All of the matter and energy contained in the universe remains constant, neither losing nor gaining either.

Space has a boundary. Our universe takes up a certain amount of space and seems to be growing at a rapid rate. From the earliest time of the supposed “big-bang” until now and into the future, the universe is growing. Galaxies, each with a vast number of stars, are moving away from each other. Still there is a physical boundary, even if it is stretching and growing, that comprises the space of the universe.

Time moves forward in our universe. Time is another boundary, always moving in one direction. It does not stop nor stand still. Again, this is true unless God intervenes. Only He can do this.

These boundaries are absolute, God designed laws which rule the universe. God created these governing laws as surely as He created the physical universe. As the Creator, existing outside of the created, He is not constrained by the laws He emplaced to rule the universe. Everything that exists must adhere to the physical laws set in place to govern their existence. These laws are discoverable but are not debatable.


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