Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning God created the heavens. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

God created all matter and energy found in the universe. Since the universe is a closed system, and matter and energy cannot be added or subtracted from it, God must exist outside of the universe.

We have had to make up words and phrases to describe the universe, the vastness of distance between galaxies and the minute details of the atom. Terms like “infinite” describe how huge the universe is for minds which cannot comprehend its size. Phrases like “infinitesimally small” describe each bit of matter and energy of which the universe is made. Our created minds find it difficult to grasp the size of the closed system in which we live.

God is bigger than the universe. He has placed boundaries upon the universe across which nothing created may cross without His direction. We will never see these boundaries for they are inconceivably far from us. Closed systems must have boundaries.

God is not constrained by the closed system which He created. As huge as our universe is He is infinitely larger. This means the inadequate words we use to describe the universe are even more inadequate for describing God. We cannot use the word “infinite” for both the universe and for God. Our universe has boundaries. God does not have boundaries. As inconceivable as it is our universe is not infinite. Only God is infinite.

No wonder our idea of God is limited. We are limited to words which cannot describe Him.


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