God’s Handiwork

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

There are good reasons why people are not the best source of information about knowing God. There is also a good reason why people could be a valid source of knowledge about God. People were created in the image of God. Yet, sin has invaded and distorted people’s perception of everything. This is a discussion for another time.

Nature, creation itself, is a good way to know about God. By examining nature we can see the extent of creative thought and action needed by the mind behind creation. Yet, we must take care to not embed into creation divinity. Creation is not God but points to God, the Creator.

Everything in creation began and will end, constrained by time, moving forward, growing and shrinking, gaining power and then losing power. At least, this is the perception of creation from the largest galaxy to the smallest molecule. Within all are the building blocks, the material of which atoms are made. Even the particles which make up every atom move and rearrange, come together and break apart.

I am not a physicist. Perhaps my understanding of physics is skewed. Underneath everything is energy and matter. One of the assumptions of physics is that the level of energy and matter in the universe is constant.

When God created something out of nothing, ex nihilo, He then took that something He created and made all which is made in the universe. He took matter and energy and fashioned as He pleased.


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