God Created

Studies in Genesis 1

In the beginning, God created. [Genesis 1:1 ESV]

Our universe and our individual existence had a beginning. Before the beginning was God. God is not constrained by the universe or by time. Nor is God simply outside looking in, separated by some magical or metaphysical boundary. God is outside. He does look in. But, there is nothing in the Hebrew Scripture or the New Testament to suggest God is not fully engaged and involved.

Before there was anything God created. God is the source and cause of everything created. Our universe exists because of God’s creative desire. Since there was nothing before God created anything God made something out of nothing. Theologically, the term is ex nihilo, out of nothing.

God created and the evidence demands we recognize God is fully involved in the design, construction, laws and workings of the universe from the largest galaxy to the smallest atom. Every particle and atom of matter is created and set in motion by God.

There is no other source for whatever is in the universe.

Let us speculate, allowing imagination to build concepts of things which cannot be proved. If there is another, alternate universe, God also created it. If there are multiple co-existing universes God created them all. However, such speculation is always bizarre since none could know about the existence and workings of an alternate universe. Suffice it to say, as Creator God is in control.

This means we are not.

Whatever is created, where ever it exists, God made it and put it there.

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